ACA gets it right on maternity insurance

Despite early setbacks, millions of people have now enrolled in private insurance plans that meet new standards set by the Affordable Care Act. All of these policies must now cover a broad set of benefits, including prescription drugs, mental health treatment, and hospital stays. Still, one of the most common complaints about health reform is that insurers must now cover maternity care. Why, a middle-aged man will sometimes complain, should he have to buy a more expensive plan for a benefit h...

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Rising gas prices require individual action

Ouch, did you feel that? It was your wallet being pinched at the pump - again. Gas prices are on the rise and, according to AAA at the time of this writing, the national average is $3.64 per gallon.One might think that Ohio would be cushioned a bit from inflated prices simply because higher prices tend to hit the coastal states first. However, the Buckeye State is on the auto club’s list of the top ten greatest weekly gas ...

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Behind the GOP’s unhealthy attack

Could those taxes on the richest Americans that are helping to pay for the Affordable Care Act be fueling this madness?To borrow a cute term William Safire penned for Spiro Agnew, the “nattering nabobs of negativism” carrying on about the evils of the Affordable Care Act aren’t going to roll back the health insurance overhaul they like to deride as “Obamacare.”Reality sure isn’t on their side. Since the ACA began to take effect, at lea...

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Letters to the editor - Kindness in the cold

Kindness in the coldEditor:Was I your 90-year-old grandmother standing beside her Ford van in that bitter cold wind Tuesday afternon March 25?I was on eastbound US Route 35 near Bickett Road when the alternator quit — no battery. To make matters worse, my 4-month-old cell phone had another bad battery.The temperature was in the mid-20s and a wind chill was a lot colder. My wool sweater and bright red windbreaker were not enough to keep out the...

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It seems to me that the Administration (and its Congressional vassals) is using THEGWAR strategy in running this country. I guess I’d better explain what that term means. It goes back to when I was drawing a paycheck for doing engineering type stuff.Some of the guys I worked with “brown-bagged” their lunches and used the time to play cards in a little break/conference office area - and I occasionally sat in.

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Editorials - The permanent scar

The permanent scarChild abuse leaves a permanent scar on its victims.Children don’t know why they are being abused. It is even sadder when abuse is the only way of life they know.April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Child abuse is everyone’s business.About 70 percent of children who die from child abuse are under 4. They can’t make the call, so somebody else has to do it. There is a report of child abuse nationwi...

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Bacon is not a vegetable

You can’t encourage other people to eat a diet that’s better for them and the planet by getting all vegangelical on them.As a vegetarian, I have to walk a fine line.Really, I’m not judging you. But I often find it necessary to establish myself as “not a threat” to meat eaters. I also occasionally bump up against militant vegans.Consider this collision I had the other day with a devout vegangelical. While at a potluck among an omni...

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Letter to the editor

Losing a great citizenEditor:April 16 the city of Xenia lost a great citizen. Mr. Jack H. Newhouse passed away. He served in the US Army during World War II as a combat medic. He returned home from the war, completed his college degree earning a masters degree in biology from George Peabody College in 1952.

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Commissioner won’t vote to close yard waste site

Because of his extensive background in waste management the County commissioners chose to appoint Mr. Tom Koogler to the Greene County Solid Waste Committee.Under his guidance the Solid Waste Committee voted to close the yard waste sites and divert the yard waste to private interests in the name of saving $200,000.The problem is Greene County is under agreement with the EPA and closing the yard waste sites, particularly the Xenia site would violate our agreement with the...

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A loveless diplomatic marriage with no future

It’s time for the United States and Saudi Arabia to split up.Among the would-be therapists of the foreign policy world, the alliance between the United States and Saudi Arabia is a textbook case of a “loveless marriage.”Though the values of the two states are at odds, or so the thinking goes, the great democracy and the absolute monarchy are bound together by mutual interest in the stability of the Persian Gulf, home to almost half of the world’s ...

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Of high-speed fastballs and high-speed trades

You don’t need to swing a bat to hit a jackpot.The sweet-swinging Detroit Tigers infielder Miguel Cabrera may or may not turn out to be, by the time he retires, the best hitter in baseball history. But Cabrera already holds a historic distinction Just before the opening day of the 2014 baseball season, the 31-year-old slugger became America’s highest-paid professional ballplayer ever.Cabrera’s newly signed contract runs 10 years. Over that span he’...

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Milking public education

I’m growing leery of the role corporations are playing in charter-dominated school systems.The building stood facing me, the windows staring ahead like hundreds of scrutinizing eyes. It was larger than I thought it would be.I looked around as I dug my hands into my pockets, struggling to retain heat. Across the street was a public housing development that appeared to be shut down: broken doors, smashed windows, an overall sense of abandonment. To the left was a par...

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An alarming trendWhile prescription drug abuse is still at an epidemic level throughout the country, methamphetamine can certainly be viewed in the same manner.With the enhanced efforts of law enforcement, the meth-related arrests have increased.Unfortunately, the strong possibility exists that a massive amount of others are still in operation.Over the past few weeks, there have been a significant increase in meth-related arrests in...

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More family advocacy needed for elder care

Caring for an aging parent is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult and often painful experiences life throws our way. Providing a safe, healthy environment for an elderly family member is just as taxing as doing the same for a child.What makes this process even harder is when the parent is resistant to help or simply won’t accept that they are no longer in a position to take care of themselves. Poor decisions, an inability to recognize when driving has become hazardous a...

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Silent encroachment

James Madison, addressing the Virginia Convention, June 16, 1788: “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of those in power by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”Words that were certainly true in 1788 at the founding of our Republic and sadly, fully applicable and valid in April 2014. The by-passing of the legislative bodies of the national government in Washington by the Obama-Biden ad...

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Someone is always watching

Be careful: Someone is watching!

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Know when to say when

Are some of us living too long? Much in life can become...

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