The perfect opportunity for the district

December 15, 2013

The resignation of the Xenia Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Deborah Piotrowski is a perfect opportunity for Xenia officials to focus on turning a page for the district.

A district, with brand new school buildings and two newly elected board members starting in January, is a prime opportunity for this community to work together to find the right fit for the person that leads the district.

Xenia is a decent sized city with a small town feel. It is a unique and diverse city with many of the challenges that most Ohio schools do — getting enough tax base, balancing the budget amid state funding cuts and improving the education under all the constraints. So, it is even more imperative that this community find the right person, one that will stay here, focus on the children and be a top leader.

For the last two years, Piotrowski has applied for other superintendent jobs in Ohio. The message that sends to the public, we feel, is that she didn’t want to be here. No matter what, it’s time for Xenia to start the new year with big changes.

Xenia Community Schools now occupy beautiful state-of-the-art new school buildings. The district has committed PTOs and parents organizing important fundraisers and helping others throughout this district with the education of the children together.

This district has the potential to be great. That has to be the focus for the future.

In conjunction with seeking out a new administrator, the district will also have to find another board member with the announcement of the resignation of Lee Rose effective Dec. 31.

This district will have two brand-new school board members in January, Arch Grieve and Cheryl Marcus. This is yet another opportunity for the board to seek out another new person to turn a new chapter for this district.

There is no doubt that running a school district such as Xenia is not an easy job for anyone. But it will take the right person, the right personality, and someone who is committed to make a difference with the community and the children to get the job done. The Xenia community must rally around the new board as this process moves forward. And this board has to rally around the community to select the right person.

We look forward to the new chapter ahead for Xenia Community Schools.

— Xenia Daily Gazette