Flash flooding impacts county

Linda Moody Staff Writer

December 21, 2013

DARKE COUNTY - Approximately 25 roads were reported closed in the county Sunday afternoon as a result of the flood that took place over the weekend.

A total of 4.58 inches of precipitation fell in a 36-hour period in the Greenville area, according to a spokesperson at the local water treatment plant. Much of that was probably due to the snow that had fallen earlier and melted with the escalating temperatures.

As temperatures melted the snow, there was constant precipitation since Friday, not stopping until early morning Sunday. And on Saturday night, which was officially the first day of winter, a flash flood warning and a severe thunderstorm warning were issued and occurred.

High winds were reported and some areas, and there were reported sporadic power outages in the area.

Kim Knick, a dispatcher at the sheriff’s office said that department was busy during the storm. She was the one who reported that at least 25 roads were closed because of impassibility due to high water.

“In Arcanum, a car washed away in town,” she said.

Some vehicles, it was noted, were stranded because drivers attempted to drive through the water-logged roadways.

In Greenville City Park, some of the streets were closed to traffic, especially at the main lagoon and near the Greenville Creek where water ran out into the roadways.