How to stay awake while driving

By Bill Duffield

January 17, 2014

The solution


The solution to going to sleep while driving was given to me from a large truck driver by his aunt.

I had that problem. Thankfully, I veered to the right each time and when the wheels went into the gravel beside the road, it woke me up. But try as hard as I could to stay awake , I’d doze off soon, again and again.

(This trucker) washed a lot of grapes, put them in a container beside him. Munching on them kept him awake and quenched his thirst.

So I did that and it really worked. Sliced apples or crunchy cereal works, too.

Also, chewing gum does the same thing. Pretending to chew doesn’t work.

This information should be spread everywhere. I think school kids doze in the early morning, too.

— Zora K. Gordin, Xenia