Do we deserve this government?

By Steve Curtis

February 6, 2014

It has been said that, “Every country gets the government it deserves!” Does America really deserve what it has gotten under the federal income tax? I think not.

Under the federal income tax, the IRS has grown in size and power, and has become so enmeshed in the political process that they are now openly discriminating against some political groups and philosophies with impunity. Americans do not deserve a government that conducts campaigns of intimidation and political terrorism against citizens because of their political philosophy.

Under the federal income tax, members of Congress routinely and openly trade their ability to manipulate the tax code in exchange for campaign contributions. Americans do not deserve a government where the candidates they elected to be Representatives of the People are turned into pawns of lobbyists and special interests.

Under the federal income tax, American jobs are destroyed, or sent overseas, because our tax code punishes American manufacturing, and subsidizes foreign imports and competitors. Americans do not deserve a government that refuses to get rid of an antiquated, ideologically driven system of taxation that destroys their lives and careers.

Under the federal income tax, the cost of complying with our incomprehensible, antiquated, and contradictory tax code is more than $700 billion each and every year. Americans do not deserve a government under which the cost of compliance is more than the individual budgets of the Defense Department, Social Security, or Medicaid.

Under the federal income tax, criminals, drug dealers, and those who simply chose not to file an income tax return pay little or nothing to support the federal government. Americans do not deserve a government that places the entire burden of funding our country on honest, hard-working, Americans while letting the sociopaths of society contribute nothing.

Under the federal income tax, money and political connections allow some to escape paying taxes, while those with less power and influence bear the harshest burdens. Americans do not deserve, and fought a war to free themselves from, a government where those with power and privilege are “more equal” than others.

Americans deserve better than the government we have, but it is up to us to demand it. And the place to start is with the tax code and the FairTax. The FairTax creates jobs, helps American businesses and manufacturing, stimulates the economy, ends the corrupting influence of lobbyists and special interests on members of Congress, and puts an end to government abuses by eliminating the IRS.

America deserves the FairTax. We just have to demand it.

To learn more about the FairTax, and how you can start demanding the government you deserve, visit our website at www.ohfairtax.org

Steve Curtis is the State Director for Ohio FairTax and a Bath Township resident.