Sing with the birds

By Charlie Huff

February 13, 2014

“Arise, my child, open your eyes to one more day I have given you. Look at the flowers that are in front of you. Listen to the sound of the doves in the cedar tree. See and listen to the beauty of what I have made for you. Walk in the valley of beautiful flowers, look at the clouds in the sky, and sing with the birds. I will put a new song within your heart.”

At the beginning of each new morning, as I look back over the years, oh, how beautiful life has been. Yes, I know people mainly dwell on the negative things in life. Yes, I have had many terrible things happen to me, but God was with me.

He had big plans for this man, that one time was a bad little boy. When we go our own way for a while, the Lord will turn us around. No, I am not happy with the things I did as I grew up. Then something happened, and the last few years have been wonderful walking with Jesus. It seems like I want to praise His name all day long, and He puts singing in my heart all day, also.

People ask me, why do you cry so easily, Charlie? When I see what God has done with my life, tears just start flowing. I do not have to be ashamed of my tears because God knows me and knows the reason I cry a lot. Yes, as I travel through this land, I see so many hurting people. Most of them have so much trouble coping with life sometimes. If we try to help someone through this journey on earth, it will go better for our lives.

God puts people in the lives of others because everyone is not strong enough to handle some things in life. The reason I’m always praying, smiling, and singing is because God blesses me, because I always try to bless someone each day. God is a God of truth, His word tells us how and what to do in life.

I had a rough and hard life growing up. When I look back, my grandma was a mentor in my life. Bring a child up in the Lord and they will not forget it. I know some don’t believe that, but it’s true. Some will stray and not make it back on the pathway of God. We all have a choice.

If we want God, He will show up, but we have to want to live a blameless life. He is always there waiting to take us in. I’m going down this pathway, walking with the One who died on Calvary for my sins. Jesus is the precious Son of God, and I’m glad He didn’t give up on me.

It’s so good walking with the Savior of the world, heading for heaven. I want to help someone as I travel this pathway that is getting shorter because I’m getting up in years now. When you see so many hurting people, you want to help as many as possible.

When we really know why we are on this journey, we will do what the Bible says. Do good, love one another, pray without ceasing, and laugh a lot, it’s good for the heart. In the Bible, it says that laughter is medicine for the heart. God had to be with me, when I look back at my past.

Now that I have been doing what I have for the last twenty years, He had plans for me. Sometimes we go through a lot of trouble in life, but most of it we bring on ourselves. Now my life is about people, and I have so much joy now. I tell my friends each day, today is going to be the best day of my life. When I look back at yesterday, I see so many wonderful things that happened.

When I start each day, singing and praying to the Father above, He goes with me wherever I go. Yes, trouble is all around us, but we have got to remember there is an enemy. Without God, we have no hope. I was lost and now my hope of heaven is in the Lord Jesus Christ. I will not turn back to what I used to be.

The Bible has the instructions for life (for eternal life). I know there are some that do not believe in God, but we will, now or later (please don’t wait). I love helping people. I will do it for the rest of my life. I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow, so who can I help today? I have joy in my heart, dancing in my feet, laughter in my bones, and I want to hear heavenly music all day long. Oh, how beautiful it’s going to be for us forever in a place called heaven!

Charlie Huff is a local resident and guest religion columnist.