Calamityville receives equipment donation from LION

February 21, 2014

FAIRBORN — Wright State University’s National Center for Medical Readiness (NCMR) at Calamityville received a large supply of personal protective clothing and urban search and rescue training equipment from LION, the world’s largest supplier of fire personal protective clothing for first responders.

“With this contribution, we are proud to aid in the development and growth of the National Center for Medical Readiness and to be of great assistance during training exercises on the grounds of Calamityville in Fairborn,” said LION (formerly Lion Apparel, Inc.) CEO Steve Schwartz. “It will help make NCMR a safer, more realistic training environment and, therefore, contribute to its long term success. We are committed to supporting NCMR, which also helps us grow our business and helps grow the region we have called home for over 115 years.”

The clothing donation, valued at about $70,000, will serve two purposes:

  • It will protect the staff as they work and teach in Calamityville’s technical training zones, including the collapsed house, Tornado Alley and I-911, the simulated highway pileup.
  • The gear will make it easier for students to identify the NCMR staff, which is particularly important during large-scale exercises.

“LION has been a longtime supporter of NCMR’s mission. We’re proud to have them as a partner, and we look forward to future collaborations,” said NCMR Director Rufus Smith.

Training at Calamityville prepares civilian and military medical communities to participate and react in an effective and meaningful manner with traditional disaster responders. This provides the nation with a more complete approach to finding patients, offering initial care and safely evacuating them from acute, disaster-related environments.

LION’s donation includes four Smart Dummy manikins and a GasTrainer system from LION’s BullEx fire training products group. The SmartDummy Rescue Manikin is tough and durable and meets the most rigorous training demands. At the same time, the SmartDummy can interact with rescuers. It feels, sounds and moves like a real person to increase the level of realism during training exercises.

Designed to replicate a four-gas meter, the BullEx GasTrainer system simulates and “detects” gas clouds and leaks using infrared radio technology enabling realistic scenarios. By detecting, displaying levels and alarming in real time, the GasTrainer system challenges students to interpret and react to a potential gas leak.

“This donation of important gear will provide our instructors and students with necessary protective clothing,” said NCMR Deputy Director Jim Gruenberg. “The gear is specifically engineered for urban search and rescue, so it will keep us safe from debris hazards as well as biohazards while setting up the technical training zones. The garments provide an extra layer of safety when working with students, who previously did not have sufficient protective clothing during training exercises. The garments also protect from extreme temperatures should there be a flash fire or other sudden emergency.”

Story courtesy of Wright State University.