Letters to the editor

March 22, 2014

County commission


Why does Tom Koogler make all of the announcements about the actions of the commissioners? He stated that an untold amount of money could be saved by closing all of the waste locations, except the Beavercreek location.

Does it make sense to close the Xenia location which is a much more central location than Beavercreek and ingress and egress is much safer than trying to turn on or off of Route 35. Does Koogler live in Beavercreek?

Isn’t his background in waste management in Fairborn? Why is he and the commissioners so set on closing Xenia? Why should we residents of this area have to haul our waste to Beavercreek, which I don’t think has near the facilities as Xenia. I would like to see the cost of operation between Xenia and Beavercreek and the volume of waste compared.

Where is the $200,000 saving coming from if you leave one waste facility open? Who is going to pay the replacement facilities you or us? I have taken waste to one of the places mentioned and it is not free.

— Roger E. Collins, Xenia

Chamber supports levy


The Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce (XACC) believes that the quality of life in our community is an important part of its future economic vitality. It is also important for the employees of area businesses to know that their family members have options and support as they grow older, because caring for a senior can have a profound impact on the productivity of an employee.

Therefore the Chamber’s Board of Directors unanimously supports the 1.4 mil Senior Services Levy on the May 6 ballot, to be administered by the Greene County Council on Aging (GCCOA).

GCCOA is an efficient organization providing counseling and care plans as well as resources for transportation, supportive services and operations for seniors in Greene County. As our population ages, these services will become increasingly important for all of us.

— Brian Stephan, XACC Chair