Schools to begin four new construction projects

By Debra Gaskill Special Correspondent

May 3, 2014

BEAVERCREEK — City schools will begin four new construction programs this year to address specific bricks and mortal needs in the district, funded by a $5 million surplus from its 2008 bond efforts.

School officials held two forums to inform parents, community and staff members about the projects, which include a new preschool, a new gymnasium at Shaw Elementary, a covered walkway connecting Ferguson Hall and Beavercreek High School and baseball/softball field improvements at Coy Middle School.

The forums were held Monday, April 28 at Trebein Elementary School Commons and Wednesday, April 30 at Parkwood Elementary School. Approximately 40 people attended each event.

When the district began looking at campaigning for the bond issue in 2007, the preschool, gym and walkway project were part of the original bond proposal, but were removed from the project when the original bond amount was reduced.

“We have an opportunity to address some of our facilities needs in a cost-effective way due to the favorable bidding climate, and we are able to do so thanks to prudent fiscal management on the part of district leaders,” said Al Nels, president of the Beavercreek Board of Education.

“We are sitting on a surplus of $5 million following the completion of our bond-related expenses,” said Dr. William McGlothlin, superintendent of Beavercreek Schools.

Planning and construction of these four projects will begin as early as this month. While the dugouts and the connector will be completed in June and July this year, the preschool anticipated completion date is April 2015. Shaw gym’s anticipated completion date is October 2014.

These projects will not cost taxpayers any additional money, McGlothlin stressed.

Architect Jeff Parker, of Steed Hammond and Paul, presented details from each project.

Centralized preschool facilities

The largest project is an 18,500 square-foot preschool addition to the current Board of Education offices, located at the corner of Kemp and Hanes roads.

Currently, Parkwood Elementary, 1791 Wilene Drive, houses the district’s preschool program.

Ohio mandates that preschool services be provided for developmentally delayed students at no charge. Beavercreek schools also provide preschool for other children, but charges tuition for those students, according to school officials.

School officials looked other schools as new locations for the preschool, but access or site topography was often problematic, according to Parker.

Locating the preschool at the district’s administration offices at 3040 Kemp Road would solve those problems, he said, as well as put the preschool services in close proximity to the Pupil Services staff, which serves special needs students.

The new preschool would also be in a more centralized location.

Using the school board site would save $170,000 in savings, Parker said, as well as $55,000 in savings for the existing electrical connection. A shared entry drive would also save $50,000 he said.

The site also has easy traffic access.

The preschool would have a centralized courtyard, which would include 3,000 square feet of play and outdoor learning areas.

There would be nine 900-square foot classrooms, each with its own toilet and shared storage, a large room, much like a gymnasium, for physical there, quiet therapy space and administration areas with secure entryway.

The building itself will resemble the school board building in style, with a residential feel and matching gables. The exterior materials will match the board offices, Parker said.

Shaw gymnasium

The second largest project is a 7,500 square-foot gymnasium and community gathering space at Shaw Elementary, 3560 Kemp Road. The gym would be built off the school’s current third-grade wing and will be equal in size to the gymnasium at Trebein elementary, Parker said. It will be able to hold two classes simultaneously and have its own bathroom facilities.

The gym will also have separate access and can be locked from the academic side for community use.

Covered walkway

A covered, non-enclosed walkway connecting Beavercreek High School to Ferguson Hall, home of BHS ninth graders will be constructed between June and July of this year, Parker said.

The connector will not be insulated or headed, Parker said, and is primarily designed to keep students dry.

Coy Middle School athletic improvements

As the connector is being built, athletic facility improvements will also be made at Coy Middle School, including a storage building, scoreboard and baseball/softball dugouts.