Ohio Democratic women hold caucus

June 13, 2014

COLUMBUS — Female, Democratic representatives from every county in the state met in Columbus recently to discuss their plans for the November election.

“We are tired of the ‘no, no, no’s,’ the handouts/subsidizing of corporations and the wealthy from the Ohio Statehouse Republican politicians who then turn around and begrudge children, veterans, the elderly and a living wage to the average person struggling to eat and keep a roof over their heads,” a release from the group said.

The group asks the public to remember Ed FitzGerald and his team this November.

“If you want your family to have opportunities and a decent quality of life, regardless of your party, you need to be voting Democrat,” the release said. “Don’t buy scare tactics of the right wing crazies. We have the most caring, hardworking and dynamic people (Ed FitzGerald, Sharen Neuhardt, David Pepper, Nina Turner, John Patrick Carney and Connie Pillich and that’s just for the Statehouse!).”

The group invites the public to check with their local Democratic Party to get a complete list of the local judges and candidates.