WAVE pushes students to success

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Submitted photo Cedarville University’s WAVE is designed to help students jumpstart college life.

CEDARVILLE — Cedarville University is diligent in helping students achieve academic success. The university’s WAVE program aids in this student-focused effort.

From June 12-23, 21 incoming freshman will take part in the program, created and run by the Academic Enrichment Center (The Cove).

WAVE is designed to help students jumpstart college life. A typical day in the program involves a short lecture and workshops on academic skill sets, strengthening math and English concepts, introducing students to the faces around Cedarville, a chapel service, sessions on topics such as setting goals and learning your strengths, and an evening activity.

“Our goal, aside from helping students academically, is to help create a sense of community among the students,” said Kim Ahlgrim, director of The Cove. “We want to simulate an academic environment and teach students how to thrive during their time at Cedarville.”

WAVE students can participate in many fun activities, including a day at a theme park, a bonfire, a worship night, a trip to the nearby town of Yellow Springs, a game night and more. Also, students are invited to join activities that include painting the giant rock on campus and having a cooking competition called “Iron Chucks” in the cafeteria.

“The students develop important study habits that will allow them to competently jump into their freshmen year when they arrive in August,” said Dan Case, director of this year’s WAVE program. “Most importantly, they thrive socially. I saw the Wave students come to Getting Started Weekend with confidence and excitement because they felt comfortable being on campus again.”

“WAVE challenged me academically, spiritually, and emotionally to pursue absolute excellence,” said Kristen Cochran, a sophomore political science major. “The lessons I learned through those challenges have, without a doubt, made me a more diligent, determined student. WAVE was instrumental in assisting with my smooth transition into college and equipping me with essential study and time management skills. I will always be exceptionally thankful for the WAVE opportunity.”

This year, newly elected student body president, Alex Paat, a junior studio art major from Galloway, will serve as resident assistant for the male students.

“Helping people feel included and welcomed is one of my favorite things,” said Paat. “I’m excited to utilize my knowledge of campus culture to help make Wave program a great experience for these incoming freshmen and lay the groundwork for a smooth transition into college life this fall.”

Kayla Pahl, sophomore early and special education major from Cedarville, and resident assistant for female students, participated in WAVE before her freshman year.

“I am most excited to be able to pour into these students and help them understand the amazing community and fellowship that Cedarville provides,” Pahl said. “WAVE helped me realize that I am able to succeed academically at Cedarville.”

Students who successfully complete the WAVE program will receive a four-year renewable Cedarville scholarship.

Submitted photo Cedarville University’s WAVE is designed to help students jumpstart college life.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/32/2017/05/web1_Wave-Camp.jpgSubmitted photo Cedarville University’s WAVE is designed to help students jumpstart college life.

Xenia Daily Gazette

Story courtesy of Cedarville University.

Story courtesy of Cedarville University.