Attorney client privilege?

By Dean Gordin

I, along with you, have just heard the news reports that FBI agents have raided the home, the offices and hotel room of President Trump’s personal attorney. Not being an attorney, I do not have the knowledge, background nor expertise to consider the essential tenants of lawful or unlawful actions in this situation.

However, the concept and traditional principle of unlawful search and seizure as stipulated in our US Constitution is a sacred element of American juries prudence. This action by special council Mueller should send cold chills up the spine of every American citizen. I would say this about the rights of any president, including Clinton, Obama, Bush, Ford, Carter, Nixon and all others who have held the position.

If this action can be taken against Trump, who is next? Is our nation finally on the brink of self-destruction?

All American citizens have (at least via our legal code) equal protection under law. Since mid-2016, there has been constant organized activity to take down the Trump campaign and has continued non-stop from Jan. 20, 2017 through the present moment and continues on, unabated.

A few days ago, Mueller stated that President Trump is not the target of any criminal investigation by his office and staff. It seems to be plainly evident that the D.C. “swamp” culture is alive and far too durable (so far) to successfully be drained by anyone.

Sadly, the media of today is afield from the days and honorable code of non-biased reporting and commentaries of Huntly-Brinkley and Walter Conkrite. They did not slate the news, nor attempt to interpret events for those of us in the everyday real world in which most people live, work and raise our families. We are facing a vicious and dangerous enemy in America today. Sadly, as the FBI raid of today makes clear, we are that enemy.

The world has experienced, suffered and been devastated by the Gastapo, KGB, Isis, Taliban and other equally horrendous and savage plagues of similar ilk. Let us hope and pray that such horrors will not prevail. If ever there was a moment when the beloved phrase “God bless America” becomes fully operative, it is now.

As Ronald Reagan said: “People don’t start wars — governments do.” Let’s hope we don’t attack ourselves.

By Dean Gordin

Dean Gordin is a Greene County resident and guest columnist for Greene County News.

Dean Gordin is a Greene County resident and guest columnist for Greene County News.