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2014 Election Day Directory

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GREENE COUNTY — There are a number of levies and races on the ballot throughout the county this November. Here are our previews to get you ready for Election Day 2014:Candidate BiosBallot Issues-Issue 1: 1.0 mill Beavercreek School District Permanent Improvement Levy (renewal)


At 1-all, World Series moves to quirky Giants park

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Eric Hosmer is eager to see what makes San Francisco’s waterfront ballpark unique.“I know absolutely nothing,” the Kansas City first baseman said. “I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, the atmosphere and the energy the crowd brings. I’ve always wanted to play there.”“I’m sure going for the first time for a World Series game, it should be fun,” he said.Well, wait unti...

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Hackenberg, captains regroup Penn St. amid losses

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) — Penn State’s captains called the team together during an off week to address its two consecutive losses. Quarterback Christian Hackenberg says it helped steer the Nittany Lions in the right direction as it prepares to face Nov. 13 Ohio State.The sophomore, in a job with equal parts responsibility and adversity, is facing the pressure of rejuvenating an offense that has scored only two touchdowns in three Big Ten games.Despite enginee...

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Levy would create special needs park

BEAVERCREEK TOWNSHIP — A levy on the ballot this November has the power to create a new play area for special-needs children and their families in Beavercreek Township. Issue 20 will be voted on by Beavercreek Township residents, City of Beavercreek residents and a small number of Fairborn residents who also reside within the township.

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Bras for a cause

A local business owner has come up with a creative and fun way to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for cancer research. Angela Day, owner of Ivy Ridge Traditions gift shop in North Wilkesboro and Elkin, will be inviting customers for the second year in a row to decorate a bra for a cause.Customers pull out all the stops to design and create a unique bra, usually with a certain theme or slogan that promotes the cause of breast cancer awareness. Other shoppers can then...

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Sugarcreek police seek a renewal levy

BELLBROOK — Sugarcreek Township will have a police services renewal tax levy on the ballot Nov. 4.Issue 22 benefits Sugarcreek Township and is 2.0 mills. If renewed, the owner of a $100,000 home would continue to pay $61.25 per year for five years, commencing in 2015, first due in calendar year 2016. The original issue was approved in 2004 and renews every five years.This allowance produces an average of $656,000 in revenue, which is on average one-third of the pol...

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2014 Election Bios

GREENE COUNTY — There are five contested races Greene County voters will be voting on in the upcoming election. Dave Ogan and Rick Perales are running for State Representative in the 73rd District. For the 10th District State Board of Education, Michael B. Kinnamon and Ron Rudduck are running. Tom Letson and Sharon L. Kennedy, as well as John O’Donnell and Judith L. French, are running for Supreme Court Justice. Jeffrey E. Froelich is running against Robert Vaughn for 2nd District...

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Spring Valley asks for additional 1 mill levy

SPRING VALLEY TOWNSHIP — Spring Valley Township will have Issue 19 — a 1.0 mill additional tax levy for the purpose of current expenses — on the Nov. 4 ballot.This issue will allow an additional tax for the benefit of the township for the purpose of current expenses at a rate not exceeding 1 mill for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to approximately $.10 for each $100,000 of valuation, for five years. The levy will begin in 2015.“This l...

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Road and bridge levy only to affect unincorporated area residents

BEAVERCREEK TOWNSHIP — The Beavercreek Township road and bridge levy, Issue 21 on the upcoming ballot, will include a renewal and increase of the current levy and will only effect residents in the unincorporated area.The current levy is 0.5 mills. The proposed 0.4 mill increase will provide an additional annual income of $102,000, Beavercreek Township Road Superintendent Tim Parks said. This increase will cost taxpayers an additional $14 per year for each $100,000 of appraise...

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City charter amendments up for vote

BEAVERCREEK — Several amendments have been proposed for Beavercreek’s City Charter and will be voted on as Issue 11 on the upcoming ballot.The six amendments have been recommended by the Beavercreek City Charter Review Commission.“These amendments represent minor adjustments to the city charter that bring our codified ordinance in line with recent adjustments to the Ohio Revised Code,” said City Manager Mike Cornell.The first proposed a...

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Fire and rescue levy up for renewal in Miami Township

MIAMI TOWNSHIP — Voters in Miami Township will have a renewal 3.8 mill fire and rescue levy on the Nov. 4 ballot.Issue 23, generating an estimated $515,000 annually, will be renewed for a five-year period. The funds from the levy go to Miami Township Fire-Rescue.Fiscal Officer Margaret Silliman said the levy has been approved easily in the past, but if it is not renewed this year, there will be serious consequences for the township.“It would be a m...

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Fire and safety levy up for renewal in Silvercreek

SILVERCREEK TOWNSHIP — Issue 15, a renewal of a 2.3 mill fire and safety levy, will be on Silvercreek’s Nov. 4 ballot. The levy, renewed every five years since 1990, generates $76,000 annually for the township.Fiscal Officer Melissa Smith said all funds go to Silvercreek’s fire department and EMS, which extends its services to Jamestown.“That’s the majority of the budget for the fire department,” Smith said. “I’m just hopef...

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Fire protection renewal levy on Caesarscreek’s ballot

CAESARSCREEK TOWNSHIP — Caesarscreek Township voters will have a renewal of a 1.5 mill fire and EMS levy on the Nov. 4 ballot.Fiscal Officer Jim Randall said all funds from this five-year levy go to fire protection and emergency services provided by Xenia Township.Issue 17, providing $43,100 annually, generates 40 percent of the needed funds to pay the contract with the Xenia Township Fire Department. A second levy provides the remaining funds. Randall said the two...

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Police levy renewal on Jamestown’s ballot

JAMESTOWN — Jamestown voters will have the renewal of Issue 10 on the ballot Nov. 4. The 3.5 mill levy generates $93,000 annually for police services.If approved, the levy will renew the measure for five years and would provide funds for the Jamestown Police Department.Fiscal Officer Marsha Haines said Jamestown is a 24/7 police department and provides all-day security for the three schools in the Greeneview school district.The owner of a $100,000 home p...

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Additional and renewal levies on the ballot for Clifton

CLIFTON — The village of Clifton will have a renewal and an additional current operating expense levy on the Nov. 4 ballot. Both levies provide funds for the village’s general expenses.“The village has a very tight budget,” said Village Clerk Treasurer Sue Chasnov. “We’d be in a grave state if neither one of them passed.”Issue 6 is an additional 2 mill levy that will go into effect for the 2015 tax year. Chasnov said the levy wil...

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No additional taxes on school district renewal levy

BEAVERCREEK — No additional taxes will come from the Beavercreek school district permanent improvement renewal levy, which is Issue 1 on the upcoming Nov. 4 ballot.For each $100,000 of appraised property value, taxpayers will pay $14.33 annually, $1.19 per month or four cents per day, Beavercreek City School Superintendent William McGlothlin said.The 1.0 mill levy will create approximately $780,000 annually, McGlothlin said, which will be used for maintaining and i...

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Township fire levy up for renewal

XENIA TOWNSHIP — Xenia Township voters are being asked to renew a 3.0 mill fire and safety levy Nov. 4.Issue 24’s passage will not result in any increased taxes. It will continue to cost the owner of a $100,000 home $81.91 per year. The levy generates an estimated $340,000 annually for the township fire department. The five-year levy would begin in 2015, with tax money being collected in 2016.First passed in 2005, this is the second renewal of the levy. It...

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Jefferson Township looking for more money

JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP — Jefferson Township voters will be deciding the fate of Issue 18, a 3.0 mill fire and EMS levy on Nov. 4.The township currently has 1.5 and 2.5 mill levies in place to cover other expenses but is asking for the additional money for one specific reason.“The fire equipment is old, we’re talking 10 to 20 years old,” said township fiscal officer Linda Fliehman. “We’re just going to collect the money for the five years i...

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