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Cedarville students participate in a trading competition

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CEDARVILLE — Four Cedarville University students participated in the Third U.S. University Trading Challenge hosted by Fordham University in March.The only team composed of undergraduate students at the trading challenge, Cedarville placed fourth out of the six schools competing. Solidly in the top four, they were just points away from Georgia Institute of Technology in third place and Simon Graduate School of Business (University of Rochester) in second place.“Participating in this competition kindled a passion in each of us,” said James Grinalds, the team’s founding member. “As a team of primarily freshmen, we are looking to go to more competitions in the next four years.”


United Way puts focus on childhood hunger

DAYTON — United Way of the Greater Dayton Area’s Volunteer Connection will serve as a 2014 Global Youth Service Day Lead Agency, organizing our region’s young people in large-scale projects to improve our community throughout the month of April.

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Temperatures and gas prices take a wild ride

DAYTON — Area motorists are not only on a weather rollercoaster this week, but fluctuation in gas prices has also been dramatic.Last Wednesday, for the first time since Jan. 17, the national average registered higher than the same date the year prior, and today marks the most dramatic year-over-year premium since Aug. 1, 2013. Currently the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.64, compared to $3.52 a year ago. On this date in 2013 prices were still tumbling from a Feb. ...

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First woman to fly solo around the world celebrates 50th anniversary

COLUMBUS — Jerrie Mock, the first woman to fly solo around the world, will be honored as fellow aviators, historians, community leaders and friends gather to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her flight.On April 17, a life-size bronze statue of Mock holding a globe, created by Columbus artist Renate Burgyan Fackler, will be unveiled at Port Columbus International Airport, the departure and landing site for her extraordinary achievement.

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BBB Announces The 2014 Eclipse Integrity Awards finalists

DAYTON — The Better Business Bureau recently announced the 2014 Eclipse Integrity Awards finalists.These awards are given to Miami Valley businesses and non-profits who model ethics, honesty and integrity for the community. The winners will be announced May 13 at your BBB’s Eclipse Integrity Awards.BBB president & CEO John North said, “Your BBB’s Eclipse Integrity Awards showcase organizations that have raised the bar and set the standards for int...

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A taxing solution to the greatest challenge of our time

Putting a price on carbon emissions is one of the best ways we can slow the pace of climate change.Ben Franklin said it best — nothing is certain, “except death and taxes.”Like most Americans, we submit our 1040s to maintain the health of our nation. However, we’d personally rather decrease our income tax and instead pay a fee that reduces carbon pollution and could preserve the planet.

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Lax approach yields bad resultsWhile Ohio lawmakers fail to take steps to hold charter schools more accountable for how they use millions of dollars in tax money, evidence mounts that this lax approach yields bad results.Chiefly, the law allows charter-school boards to contract with for-profit management companies to run the schools and includes too few restrictions on those relationships — restrictions that would protect the public and the state t...

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Terrific things happening at XCS

Here are some of the terrific things happening in each of our schools.I would certainly be remiss if I did not start off by mentioning the Dedication Ceremony from Tuesday evening. In 1957, Xenia High School was erected on 425 Edison Blvd. The Class of 1958 was the first class to begin and end the year at the new high school. During the year, the class worked concession stands to save up more than $3,000 and used that money to purchase a pink granite base, flag, and pole.

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