Wilberforce president honored by magazine


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WILBERFORCE — Dr. Algeania Warren Freeman has been named a living legend in higher education and will be honored by the SABLE Health and Human Development Journal in its inaugural edition, dated fall 2015.

The editorial board dedicated the edition to Dr. Freeman, writing: “…Dr. Freeman is a contemporary leader who has managed to accomplish much against great odds. Her record of professional achievements is simply exceptional. Moreover, Dr. Freeman’s higher education leadership accomplishments in our time are truly legendary. However, there are three professional achievements in higher education that stand out among the rest. Those three achievements are centered on her exceptional acumen and demonstrated leadership skills as a president of three different institutions of higher education. Those institutions are Martin University, Livingstone College, and Wilberforce University where she is the current president.”

Dr. Freeman’s most recent accomplishment is her launch of a renaissance at Wilberforce. Placed on show-cause status by the Higher Learning Commission, the university had to restructure and show the HLC why it should retain its accreditation. The university hired Dr. Freeman to complete the task.

“Many in the higher education community and many outside of that community had already begun writing the epitaph for Wilberforce University. Of course, after Dr. Freeman received the call, she simply went to work doing what she has proven her expertise. That expertise is the leadership in reviving and moving toward renaissance institutions that often, experts conclude cannot be and are not worth reviving. Therefore, we were determined to provide recognition of Dr. Freeman’s most recent accomplishment ‘against great odds,’ ” the editorial board wrote.

The nation’s oldest historically black college and university was removed from show-cause in November.

Dr. Freeman was featured in the Nov. 23 and Dec. 4 issues in BlackEnterprise.com for her accomplishments in saving the accreditation of Wilberforce University. She also received the Citizen of the Year Award from Omega Psi Phi Fraternity in Dayton. Dr. Freeman was one of the first recipients of the Harlem Renaissance Awards as an Outstanding HBCU President.

Dr. Freeman will receive a plaque from the journal’s editorial board for her devotion and outstanding contributions in saving and making a difference at HBCUs.


Gazette News Report compiled by Scott Halasz.

Gazette News Report compiled by Scott Halasz.