Cedarville students developing Honda cars

Submitted photo Cedarville students study a vehicle design.

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CEDARVILLE — Cedarville University Industrial and Innovative Design students are helping to visualize the design and function of Honda vehicles as far out as 2030.

Designers, design engineers and modelers from various divisions of Honda R&D’s North American operations came together to develop and design a “future model” exercise for the 21 seniors in the Industrial and Innovative Design program. The design exercise included supplying students with a design brief, basic engineering requirements, demographic information and access to the manufacturer’s library of components and specifications.

The students were tasked with developing inspiration and vision boards, creating multiple phases of design concepts and sketches and ultimately testing their concepts on a full-sized, one-to-one scale styling buck, constructed at the International Center for Creativity (ICC) facilities in Columbus.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to practice designing cars and understanding how the automotive industry functions,” said ICC CEO and instructor Jim Orr. “We’re always developing relationships that will give our students the tools to solve state-of-the-art problems, and this is as real world as it gets.”

“It’s been an extremely intense process for the students these past few months,” Orr said. “The work is hard, but the education they get and the ideas they generate are irreplaceable.”

While the project specifics were confidential under a nondisclosure agreement, the project gave the students a glimpse into the highly competitive world of the automotive design and manufacturing business.

“We’re humbled to be able to work with such an extraordinary company as Honda,” ICC president Jim Stevenson said. “Most of the staff here at the ICC has long-standing ties with the company professionally, and their tagline ‘The Power of Dreams’ is such a perfect match for what we are trying to teach these students day in and day out. But to have working professionals from a global leader coming alongside our students, in our studios, is just incredible to see.”

Submitted photo Cedarville students study a vehicle design.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/32/2016/03/web1_honda.jpgSubmitted photo Cedarville students study a vehicle design.

Content provided by Cedarville University.

Content provided by Cedarville University.