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Seniors enjoy prom


For Greene County News

JAMESTOWN — The Jamestown Senior Center held its inaugural “Senior Prom” event June 6. During the evening past prom memories were revisited and new prom memories were made, while a few attended their very first prom.

As attendees enjoyed the evening, they also reflected on proms from their past. Nancy McCall remembered attending her 1949 prom, which had a Hawaiian theme. She was escorted to the prom by her future husband Raymond, who she began dating during their freshman year, earning Nancy the prom’s, “Longest Sweetheart” honor. Paul Robison, who attended his prom in 1957, recalled it was held in his high school gym and that the prom lasted all night. Robison recalled that the next morning, parents came to the school and fixed everyone breakfast in the school cafeteria. Ethel Stone mentioned the fond memory of being chosen the prom queen from Betsy Lane High School in 1955.

The event began with an “Evening Under the Stars” dinner theme before attendees took to the dance floor to sway to music from yesteryear. The evening concluded with a “Name That Tune” contest with music from the 40s and 50s.