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All states represented at Cedarville


Xenia Daily Gazette

CEDARVILLE — Students from all across the United States are flocking to a small Greene County town for their college experience. According to Cedarville University’s Fall 2016 University Census, students from every state in the country are enrolled at the academically rigorous institution.

“Most private colleges are quite regional with 60-80 percent of their students coming from surrounding counties and in-state,” said Janice Supplee, vice president of enrollment management and marketing at Cedarville University. “But for Cedarville University, 65 percent of our student body is comprised of students from out-of-state. We’re more of a national Christian college than a regional institution.”

Cedarville’s recruitment strategy has consistently been to recruit the best students from the United States — not just Ohio. With its intentionality of seeking students who have a relationship with Jesus Christ, the effort begins at Christian high schools and churches. With a string of 10 consecutive record enrollments, the strategy is working.

Organic recruitment tactics also benefit Cedarville’s recruitment efforts. Being ranked fourth nationally (among all public and private universities) in student engagement by the Wall Street Journal plays into how word of mouth referrals bring students.

“We are blessed with students who really enjoy their educational experience,” Supplee said. “This translates into a large national and international network of alumni and students who enthusiastically promote Cedarville University.”

Xavier Halder, a sophomore special education major from Bangladesh, was introduced to Cedarville University through an alumna teaching at his school.

“My teacher described how she not only got a quality education at Cedarville University,” said Halder, “but also how Cedarville’s community and values encouraged her faith.”

A strong commitment to faith is a defining characteristic of Cedarville University faculty, staff, and students.

“Cedarville’s commitment to biblical authority, along with the disciple-making community of faculty and staff makes it a unique university which is attractive to students from across the nation,” said Jon Wood, Ph.D., vice president for student life and Christian ministries

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