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Cox students to decide turkey’s fate


XENIA — Cox Elementary School students are going to learn about the judicial system in a unique way today.

The students will participated in the tradition of issuing a pardon to the Thanksgiving turkey, a time-honored tradition carried on by regularly by presidents.

“The Thanksgiving season offers a great opportunity to talk to our students about how they relate to others, as well as think about the things they are thankful for,” said Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Lofton. “Programs like this offer a unique way for our youngest learners to internalize those critical life lessons in a way that feels fun and unforced.”

This morning of fun will feature stories, puppets, and music — as well as a visit from Xenia Mayor Sarah Mays, as she determines whether to grant clemency to the 2019 Xenia Community Schools Thanksgiving turkey.

Playing the role of the turkey will be a familiar face to many in the community: Dr. Robert Dillaplain, president of the Xenia board of education.

“Dr. Dillaplain loves spending time in our buildings and seeing these young students learn and grow, but this will definitely be a new experience for him,” Lofton said. “Students may see him in a new light after this program — although everyone loves a turkey.”

The program begins at 10 a.m.