SPRING VALLEY — With construction underway on U.S. Route 42 in Greene County, traffic changes are being implemented in the work zone this week to provide for motorists’ safety.

Contractors for the Ohio Department of Transportation are constructing a restricted crossing U-turn (RCUT) intersection at U.S. 42 and Spring Valley Paintersville Road.

Originally, traffic on westbound Spring Valley Paintersville Road (SVPR) was to be maintained at the intersection during the first phase of construction, allowing for motorists to turn left (south) onto U.S. 42. However, due to sight distance concerns in the work zone, the left-turn movements from SVPR to southbound U.S. 42 will be prohibited, and traffic will be rerouted.

Once the traffic changes are in place, westbound SVPR motorists traveling to southbound U.S. 42 will be detoured by way of S.R. 380 North and Krepps Road or S.R. 380 South and Roxanna New Burlington Road.

The RCUT project calls for the elimination of left-turn movements from SVPR to U.S. 42, as well as the cross-over movement through the intersection. Upon completion of the project, motorists on SVPR will be required to turn right onto U.S. 42 and do a legal U-turn at a nearby crossover.

R.B. Jergens Contractors, Inc. was awarded a contract for approximately $1.8 million to undertake the project, and construction is anticipated to be completed in late fall.

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