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GMS names students of month


JAMESTOWN — Greeneview Middle School recently announced its January and February students of the month.

Recognized in January were Danika Neville (seventh grade); Lane Hall (sixth grade); Josh Criswell (fifth grade); and Dominic Nuno (fourth grade).

Recognized in February were Benjamin Whitt (seventh grade); Bella Short (sixth grade); Isabel Sampson (fifth grade); and Whitley Holbert (fourth grade).

The school sent the following information about each student.

Neville — She is quiet and meek but don’t let her shyness fool you. She works hard and thinks deeply in her classes and always demonstrates her cooperation with any task presented in class. Neville has a sweet spirit that shines through even if she is having a challenging day and we applaud her for being consistent and showing up every day to be a good role model for other students.

Hall — Lane is a sweet, conscientious student. His mild manner and gentle tone hide a witty sense of humor and kind spirit. He is prepared and comes to class ready to learn. Hall can also be relied upon to show respect and help others.

Criswell — Josh is a determined student who always gives his best effort. He is prepared for class, is a self-starter, and is a role model for his fifth grade classmates to follow.

Nuno — Dom is always ready for class and tries his hardest in all areas. He is an excellent student who is always willing to help others, participates in class, and is an all around good citizen. He has a fun personality and sense of humor and is a great friend to everyone around. Nuno perseveres through challenging problems and loves to think deeply and ask questions.

Whitt — Ben was our pick for student of the month because he is mature and thoughtful. He likes to have fun, but he also knows when to settle down. Being polite and kind to others is another impressive quality with Whitt because he is willing to help others when needed. Although he is quiet, is engaged in his classes, and usually thoughtful in his expressions.

Short — Bella works very hard and maintains a positive attitude. Even when she is facing struggles, she isn’t afraid to try new things, ask for help, and do her best to persevere. She is very pleasant and has a positive personality that helps her. Short can be relied upon to help others and is a leader among students.

Sampson — Isabel is an incredible student. “Izzy” always does what she needs to do to be her best. She is a great role model for her classmates and is deserving of the fifth grade student of the month for February.

Holbert — Whitley comes to school well prepared every day. She is considerate of her fellow classmates and willing to lend a hand when needed. She participates in class and models good citizenship in school.