Healthy Lifestyles Corner: Prepare for upcoming 5K

XENIA — Greene County Public Health is planning the ninth annual Spring Has Sprung Healthy Families 5K Run-Walk for Saturday, April 14, which means there are just 10 short weeks in which to prepare your body to either run or walk in this fun event for all fitness levels – it’s perfect for first timers.

This 10-week series of articles will give you helpful tips and techniques, direction and support on how to properly train for a 5K whether you intend to walk or run. Don’t be intimidated – even if you’ve never run or walked a 5K, you can do it.

So grab a few friends or encourage family members to join you and get registered today. Now is the time to stick to that New Year’s Resolution to live a healthier lifestyle.

But, first things first. If you’re new to regular exercise or will be participating in a 5K (3.1 miles) for the first time, getting a physical exam from your doctor is your first priority. Before you choose a new pair of running shoes or head out to your nearest bike trail for that inaugural walk or run, a visit with your doctor is essential.

At your doctor’s visit, share your running or walking plan and fitness goals with your doctor and have him/her assess your plan and any potential health issues. Ask how running or walking might affect any existing conditions. Find out about any health issues that are common for runners and walkers and how to steer clear of them.

Let your doctor know if you’re also trying to lose weight. Your exam might include an exercise stress test (usually done on a treadmill) to rule out any latent cardiovascular problems that might surface if you exercise too hard.

Be sure to check out next week’s article that will feature another helpful tip from Greene County Public Health.

If you would like to register for the 5K, you can do so online at or print and mail a registration form with your payment by visiting

Proceeds from this event support the efforts of the Health District to continue to bring healthy activities and programs to Greene County residents. The run-walk is stroller and pet-friendly, and open to everyone of every age and every fitness level. For further questions, please call 937-374-5683 or email