Bellbrook students shine at National Science League’s competition

BELLBROOK — Bellbrook Middle School scientists ranked among the best at the National Science League’s competition.

The team of seventh and eighth graders ranked second in Ohio and seventh in the nation, while the sixth grade team was second in Ohio and 11th in the nation. The seventh and eighth grade test was general science for grades 7-9, while the sixth graders took the science grade six assessment.

Bellbrook’s Top 10 eighth graders (50 possible points) were: Glenn Oschner (40); Lindsay Smith and Colton Warren (38); Jonathan Martin, Ethan Ward, and Madeline Bartlett (37); Sarah Bevelhymer (36); and Nitika Arora, Joey Dickman, Will Culbertson, Kevin Pray, and Isaac Lefeld (35).

Top 10 seventh graders (50 possible points) were: Jack Agnew (40); Jon Pryor (38); Conor Dean and Lucy Kundu (37); Ta’eer Harel and Nikhil Mall (35); and Eliana Bozzuto, Collin Campbell, Evan Crabtree, Samantha Goodwin, and Tristan Hanks (34).

Top 10 sixth graders (40 possible points) were: Daniel Slater, Samuel Henderson, and Dhevin Kundu (35); Logan Vincent and Danny Betts (34); and Drew Chiasson, Wesley Peters, Justin Paul, Keegan Martin, Zach Shore, Landen Weiss, Maya Haught, Gabe Aiello, Mikuya Ford, Seth Gedeon, and Ben Pursel (33).