WPAFB offering stress management course

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — Stress is one of the factors that can negatively affect health, making it more difficult to reach goals. Over the following weeks, Civilian Health Promotion Services of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base will be offering the “Stress Less Workshop.”

Maintaining balance and knowing how to cope with stress is vital to both the individual and the workplace. According to the Center for Disease Control, healthier employees in general are more productive. Chronic stress can have a huge impact on the employee’s health and performance.

The Stress Less Workshop is a three-week program designed to help participants find balance and learn ways they can cope with stress through a short class, followed by a relaxation exercise.

“Everyday routine stress can be tough to spot. Unless practical steps are made to get yourself back down to a low stress state, these stressors can take a toll on your personal health and well-being,” Sarah Baker of the CHPS said. “There are lots of different stress management tools you can practice to take control of your chronic stress and that’s what the Stress Less Workshop is going to focus on. The series will include nine tips that can help reduce stress with the opportunity to try a few relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation.”

Baker went on to add that the workshop is organized into the three week sessions to give participants time to develop better habits.

Classes have already started and will continue Thursday, Feb. 1 and Thursday, Feb. 8. For more information, contact the local CHPS office at 937-904-9359.