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CEDARVILLE — When Cedarville University music professor Steve Winteregg, D.M.A., was approached by a friend about recording some of Winteregg’s previously unrecorded compositions, he was excited to share his work.

But when Winteregg received a phone call from a record company in January of last year, what started as a collaboration between two longtime friends turned into a full-fledged studio album.

The journey began when Daniel Zehringer, D.M.A., professor of trumpet at Wright State University, came to Winteregg with the idea of recording an album of some of Winteregg’s work.

The duo had taught together at Wittenberg University in nearby Springfield, Ohio, and the decade-plus friendship became the catalyst for the project.

“When Dan approached me about recording some of my compositions, I was more than happy to give him several pieces that I’d written,” said Winteregg.

Shortly after sharing his music with Zehringer, Winteregg received a phone call from Bob Lord, CEO at PARMA Recordings, which had bought out a company that had previously recorded several of Winteregg’s other compositions.

During a meeting in Cincinnati, Lord discussed the possibility of working with Winteregg in the future. That’s when Winteregg floated the idea that PARMA may want to work with Zehringer on his project.

“What really impressed me was that Bob was familiar with my previous work; he really knew the pieces,” said Winteregg. “After we talked about working with Dan on an album, I stepped back and let them work out all the details.”

The result was an album called “Journeymen’s Songs,” which will be released on Friday, May 13, by PARMA under its Navona record label.

“It’s really exciting to know that some of these pieces are going to be heard by people for the first time ever,” said Winteregg. “It’s my hope that when people hear the songs, they’ll want to perform them.”

“Journeymen’s Songs” can be purchased through Amazon and the iTunes store and will also be available on streaming services such as Spotify.

Winteregg has previously written pieces that have been performed by groups such as the Cincinnati Symphony, the Columbus Symphony, the Czech Radio Symphony, the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, the Delaware Symphony, the Indianapolis Symphony, the Milwaukee Symphony, the Orchestra of Augsburg and the Sarajevo Philharmonic.

He has also written several full-length ballets including “There Was a Time,” which premiered at the Dayton Ballet in 2006. Winteregg has also won numerous awards for his work, including an Ohio Senate resolution that recognized his contribution to the arts in Ohio.


Content provided by Cedarville University

Content provided by Cedarville University