Bellbrook school, teachers receive STEM award

Gazette News Report

BELLBROOK — Bellbrook Middle School has earned the Governor’s Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in STEM Education for the 20th consecutive year.

The STEM award is recognition for the accomplishments of students and teachers of Science, Mathematics, and STEM. Teachers recognized with this award are math teachers Kyle Ferguson and Allison Bisignani, STEM teacher Kim Lord (her second time for award) and science teacher Cathy St. Pierre (26th time for award).

“This award is evidence of the strong support in our Bellbrook-Sugarcreek community,” St. Pierre said. “It is recognition for the achievement of our students, along with the tremendous support of our administration, parents, and community members. Congratulations to our students, parents, schools and Bellbrook community for fostering such excellence. We thank you for your support and continued encouragement.”

Only 45 Ohio schools received this prestigious award.

The criteria are: To conduct a local science fair with 20 or more students; qualify one or more of these students for one of the Academy’s 16 district science days; have students participate in at least one more youth science opportunity beyond the classroom such as State Science Day, visits to museums, mentorship programs and extended field trips; and convince external professionals from STEM business and industry, government and academia employers how and to what extent the school’s program met the academy’s definition of STEM education.

“Schools and teachers that are awarded the Thomas Edison Award for Excellence strive to provide their students with hands-on education opportunities,” said Stephen McConoughey, PhD, the Academy’s CEO. “Science is a subject that is best learned by doing. These schools and their teachers are finding new, creative ways to engage the students above and beyond the traditional methods. The students will benefit from these experiences as teachers continue to develop our next generation of scientists for Ohio and the country. In addition, having volunteers from industry and academia to review these applications provides a great perspective from those who use science daily.”

Gazette news report compiled by Scott Halasz.

Gazette news report compiled by Scott Halasz.