CU work-study program among nation’s best

Xenia Daily Gazette

CEDARVILLE — Attending college is expensive; however, for Cedarville University students who participate in the university’s strong work-study program, a college education can be affordable.

According to a recent study by the Student Loan Report, a news site specializing in student loans, Cedarville University is ranked No. 174 among the best work-study program in the country. This ranking places Cedarville fourth in Ohio among private universities, behind Denison University, Tiffin University, and Oberlin College, and above thousands of colleges that offer the Federal Work-Study Program.

Cedarville University also offers many other forms of scholarships. Last year, aid packages for incoming freshmen averaged at $17,526, with 99 percent of incoming freshmen receiving aid.

The Federal Work Study Program allows students to pay for part of their tuition through working part-time jobs. Work-driven aid such as this program has many benefits.

“Statistics have shown,” said Kim Jenerette, executive director of student aid at Cedarville, “that students in the work-study program often get better grades, graduate on time, borrow less funding and are less likely to default on their student loans.”

A high average amount earned and large selection of jobs helped place Cedarville in the ranking. Cedarville also offers non-work-study employment to those that may not be eligible for federal assistance.

“All told,” said Jenerette, “approximately 1,600-1,700 Cedarville students work while they are enrolled at Cedarville University.”

This means that nearly half of Cedarville’s student population is employed while in college.

Content provided by Cedarville University.

Content provided by Cedarville University.