Soin celebrating 5 years

By Anna Bolton - [email protected]

File photo Soin Medical Center celebrates five years next week.

File photo Soin Medical Center celebrates five years next week.

BEAVERCREEK — In its first five years, Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center has grown — in square footage, floors, staff, beds and in patients.

The hospital known as “Soin” has also grown on the community.

Soin Medical Center and Greene Memorial Hospital President Rick Dodds has embraced the young hospital.

“Over the last five years, we’ve focused on developing a solid team. We’re continuing to grow, we have a great heritage at Soin Medical Center and Kettering Health Network, and we’re adding a presence out here,” Dodds said.

Located off Intertate 675 and US Route 35 in Beavercreek, Soin serves Greene, western Clark, eastern Montgomery and Miami counties, including nearby areas that are continually developing, like Wright Patterson Airforce Base and Wright State University.

The hotel-style hospital opened its doors in February 2012 as a 70-bed, 5-story, 276,000-square-foot facility. During its construction, two patient floors — the fourth and fifth — were set aside for future expansion.

Soin completed its fourth floor in 2013 to make room for surgical services, adding another 32 beds.

In 2014, the hospital announced an $8.2 million project to add 22,000 square feet and 12 beds to its emergency department, completing the expansion in June 2015.

“We have the second busiest Emergency Room in Kettering Health Network,” Dodds said. “That speaks for the need in the community.”

The same year, Soin announced another upcoming expansion — this time a $10 million project to complete its fifth and final floor, adding 30 private rooms and beds, along with additional therapy space for joint, spine, hernia, and cardiac program patients. This expansion, which opened in January 2016, was expected to create up to 80 new jobs.

Along with the increased space and beds, Soin has also seen an addition of multiple advanced services.

Dodd highlighted a few life-saving advances the hospital has made, like the ability to place interventional catheters in cardiac patients.

“This is so important to our community, for those experiencing a heart attack,” he said. “Minutes matter in the situation of a heart attack and this can potentially save a life.”

Again, Dodds asserted, “minutes matter,” when referring to the advancements of the Primary Stroke Center and the emergency department.

The hospital’s Cancer Center also continues to grow, and the Hernia Center is attracting patients from across the region, he said.

As for the future, the president won’t comment on specific developments, but says the hospital may still be growing.

“We will continue to advance as the community continues to embrace our presence,” Dodds said.

A celebration is planned for 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 22 in the lobby of Soin.

File photo Soin Medical Center celebrates five years next week. photo Soin Medical Center celebrates five years next week.

By Anna Bolton

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Reach Anna Bolton at 937-502-4498.

Reach Anna Bolton at 937-502-4498.