Meetings regarding Carnegie Library set

XENIA — The City of Xenia, in partnership with the volunteer group Xenia Carnegie Library Friends, is hosting a series of planning meetings to discuss revival efforts for the building.

The first meeting will take place 1:30-3:30 p.m. Thursday, April 27 in the Henry Hudson Room of the Xenia Community Library, 76 E. Market St.

The meeting will include an overview and recap of the recent historic structures report by architect Steve Avdakov of Heritage Architectural Associates, and offer a chance to meet members of the Xenia Carnegie Library Friends, who will discuss memories of the old Library and plans for the future revitalization efforts. The public is invited to help develop criteria for the building’s reuse, and discover ways to bring the Xenia Carnegie Library back to life.

Volunteers worked to list the building on the National Register of Historic Places, enabling the building to be eligible for both State of Ohio and federal rehabilitation tax credits as well as local tax abatements.

Efforts by the Xenia Carnegie Library Friends are supported by the City of Xenia through a community development block (CDBG) planning grant, through a Daniel K. Thorne Intervention Fund grant of The National Trust Preservation Fund and by the Greene County Board of Commissioners, owners of the historic structure.

For more information on the Xenia Carnegie Library Friends, contact Josephine Reno at 937-361-2354, or visit City-of-Xenia-Government on Facebook or on Twitter. Interested citizens can also visit the Xenia Carnegie Library Facebook page or and search “Carnegie Library” for ways to be involved and to receive future information about development opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and other methods to contribute to the discussions.

Content provided by the City of Xenia.

Content provided by the City of Xenia.