County prepping for water switch

By Scott Halasz -

XENIA — Greene County is about a year away from owning its own water supply system.

Commissioners June 14 approved the final three resolutions needed to allow the county to proceed with the estimated $5-7 million project. The county — which supplies water to Cedarville, Wilberforce and Shawnee Hills — is constructing its own water line and connecting it to the North Beavercreek water system in an effort to save money.

One resolution allows the county to proceed with horizontal drilling for the water main extension, while the other two allow the line to be built along Hilltop Road from Trebein to Dorchester roads and from Hilltop Road to Clifton Road. Resolutions for work along the bike path and from Hilltop Road to Ludlow Road were previously approved by the commissioners.

The county had been purchasing water from the City of Xenia since June 1998. Under the terms of the 20-year contract, the city supplies the county with water for the three areas and pays the current rate plus a 50 percent surcharge, which the city charges customers outside the incorporated portion to spur economic development. The county estimated that by eliminating the surcharge and owning its own system it will save more than $100,000 annually and informed the city of its plans in August 2016.

The estimated cost of the work discussed June 14 is $5.5 million, but that probably won’t be the case according to County Administrator Brandon Huddleson.

“We expect them to be far lower than that,” he said.

The project will be sent out to bid as soon as possible, Huddleson said. The deadline is June 18, 2018, but Huddleson said he is hoping to turn the system on in May.

County residents who live along the new line will also be able to tap into the system, but there will be fees involved. Huddleson stressed that the fees are only for new customers.

“Our current customers … will not be charged the connection fee,” he said.

By Scott Halasz

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.