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eXploring Downtown

By Sydney Dawes - For the Gazette

Editor’s notes: This is an ongoing series of stories on Xenia’s downtown privately owned businesses. The Gazette will feature another business next week.

XENIA — The Flower Stop, a floral shop located at 57 W. Main St., has been operating for more than 60 years.

Its current owner, Heidi Hilderbrandt, has been working with the Flower Stop since 2001 and leading it since 2004. She described The Flower Stop as a full-service retail florist business. This locally founded and operated store offers fresh flower arrangements, funeral designs, gift baskets, silk flower arrangements, and balloon bouquets.

The Gazette posed some questions to the business owner, here’s what Hilderbrandt had to say:

What does The Flower Stop do to get business?

“Social media, primarily, but being an established business as well, we advertise mainly through word-of-mouth. We have a large client base, and we appreciate them for continuing to tell others about us and about their positive experiences with our service and flowers. So we get a lot of referral business, as well.”

Why did the original owners – the Hurleys – choose Xenia for your location?

“They were members of the community.”

What’s the most unique item you have in your shop?

“That would probably be our tropical flowers. Right now we do have a small demand for them, so we don’t carry them daily … Birds of Paradise, Protea, Anthurium, those type of flowers. We don’t have a daily demand for those so we aren’t able to carry them daily. We get them when requested.”

What’s one thing you want everyone to know about The Flower Stop?

“Only one? Let’s see … we rely on community support to, of course, stay in business. I think it’s always important to remind others that the businesses that we do have are here because we support them, frequent their doors, purchase from them when the need arises, rather than searching outside the Xenia community, starting within Xenia to see if it offers what our needs are before exploring outside of our community.”

What can businesses do to make downtown Xenia better?

“I think it’s kind of individual, as far as what type of business, but differentiating ourselves in service and product. For instance, with myself, there are many avenues and resources out there for people to purchase flowers. They’re going to come to the Flower Stop when they need quality, long-lasting flowers, but also they’re going to turn to me for the exceptional service. That’s what’s going to make a difference in building those relationships and when the need for flowers returns in their life, they’re going to think of Heidi helping them at the Flower Stop, not picking up a bouquet of flowers at Walmart or Kroger. So it’s more relationship building, I think.”

The Flower Stop is open 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. For more information, visit or call 937-372-1436. Find the Flower Stop on Facebook and Instagram (@theflowerstop).
eXploring Downtown

By Sydney Dawes

For the Gazette

Sydney Dawes is a freelancer for Xenia Daily Gazette.

Sydney Dawes is a freelancer for Xenia Daily Gazette.