First day of school: no news is good news

By Scott Halasz -



XENIA — It’s a successful first day of school when there is nothing to report.

And that’s exactly what happened for the Xenia Community School District.

“Other than all of the students have those first-day looks on their face, you wouldn’t even know it was the first day of school,” Interim Superintendent Christy Fielding said in a text message. “There have been no major issues at all today. In fact, you would think we had been in school for days.”

All operational aspects of opening day went as planned and there were even a few pleasant surprises.

“It was great to see kids eating breakfast and lunch with many kids commenting how they love the new food,” Fielding said. “We fully anticipate our numbers to continue to grow as more and more kids learn about free meals K-8 and that the food tastes great.”

The biggest concern with the start of the school year is transportation, but Fielding said it “ran very smoothly.”

“Route times regularly change at the beginning of the year based on ridership and enrollment,” she said. “This information is being shared with families.”

Fielding, who visited a few buildings, said she sensed a buzz.

“As you through the buildings there’s an excitement in the air for a new school year starting, from both students and staff, and kids have jumped right into lessons in their classes,” she said.

Only 86 more school days until winter break.


By Scott Halasz

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.