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CEDARVILLE — Cedarville University honored 85 faculty and staff members for their years of service, spanning a collective 1,135 years.

Wes Baker, Ph.D., distinguished professor of communication; Linda Divan, library systems coordinator; Charles Pagnard, M.M., senior professor of music; and Paul Ware, groundskeeper, have each served at Cedarville University for 40 years.

“When I came to Cedarville, there were about 1,000 students and James T. Jeremiah was the president,” Divan said. “Over 40 years, the campus and university have grown to where we are today. Through some ups and downs and leadership changes, some things have not changed, including the concept of the faculty and staff being family. I’ve stayed so long because I’m working behind the scenes with great co-workers to help provide resources for the university family, and being part of a story that can only be explained by God granting us his favor.”

Ware shared similar thoughts to the large group of colleagues at the ceremony held in the Dixon Ministry Center.

“I count it a blessing that God put me here,” Ware said. “I believe I was made to do this job. I like the students, fellow workers, outdoors, and excitement of campus life. Beyond that, crazy student drivers don’t upset me, humble tasks don’t bother me, I don’t get sunburn, mosquitoes don’t bother me often, and I’m not very allergic to poison ivy!”

Chuck Clevenger, D.M.A., senior professor of music; Jeff Cunningham, CU utility administrator; and Jim Leightenheimer, M.A., associate professor of communication, were each honored for 35 years of service.

“Ministering at Cedarville has been a great blessing and privilege,” Leightenheimer said. “Those of us who have been around this long must give credit to God for the work that he has done in expanding our campus, programs, faculty and staff and in giving us the privilege of working to prepare students to serve God in so many amazing ways. Involvement in the development of student radio (now Resound) has been a highlight for me. Seeing God give great vision to students and to see them follow through in service to the kingdom has been very rewarding. I love CU.”

Other award recipients include the following:

Thirty years: John Frazier, custodian; and Tim Heaton, Ph.D., professor of education.

Twenty-five years: Bob Bielek, CAD technician; Hardy Hegna, Ph.D., professor of mechanical engineering; Scott Huck, photographer; Alan McCain, director of networking; Anne Rich, M.S., professor of accounting; Bert Wheeler, Ph.D., professor of economics; and Larry Zavodney, Ph.D., senior professor of mechanical engineering.

Twenty years: Kim Ahlgrim, M.S., director of The Cove; Karen Calvert, administrative assistant, academic division; Sharon Christman, Ph.D., professor of nursing; Darrin Frey, Ph.D., professor of mathematics; Heather Kuruvilla, Ph.D., professor of biology and associate director of the Center for Bioethics; Diane Mitchell, administrative assistant, finance and payables; Beth Porter, M.A., chair of the department of music and worship; and John Wambold, assistant director for production services.

Fifteen years: Marc Clauson, Ph.D., professor of history and law; John Davis, director of academic human resource services; Alan Geist, Ph.D., athletic director; Derrick Green, M.A., chair of the department of communication; Mark Haldeman, manager of mechanicals systems; Gregory Martin, M.L.I.S., digital commons director and associate professor of library science; Roger O’Neel, Ph.D., assistant chair of worship; Bruce Traeger, director of church relations; Tim Tuinstra, Ph.D., associate professor of electrical engineering; and Otis Wright, Ph.D., professor of mathematics.

Ten years: Tim Abel, assistant director of church relations; Melissa Burns, M.D., assistant professor of biology; Scott Crosby, computer technician; Melissa Faulkner, Ph.D., chair for the department of english; Jeff Gates, M.L.I.S., information services librarian and assistant professor of library science; Mark Gathany, Ph.D., associate professor of biology; Sarah Gilchrist, M.S., assistant professor of mathematics; Vicki Hawk, office manager, school of nursing; Carrie Keib, Ph.D., associate professor of nursing; Mike Manes, head baseball coach; Christina Penrose, administrative assistant, department of science and mathematics; Scott Van Loo, Ph.D., vice president for enrollment management; Rich Williams, audio-video specialist; and Tara Winter, coordinator of testing, licensure and accreditation.

Five years: Miriam Ansong, Ph.D., director, drug information and associate professor of pharmacy practice; Lisa Battaglia, supervisor of security access control; Kurt Beachy, M.S., instructor of kinesiology and allied health; Nat Biggs, network analyst; Linda Burnison, custodian; Alex Camacho, Ph.D., associate professor of marketing; Nick Carrington, M.A., assistant professor of professional writing; Stephanie Carroll, director of alumni relations and annual giving; Beth Delaney, M.S., assistant professor of nursing; Glen Duerr, Ph.D., assistant professor of international studies; Marty Eng, R.Ph., associate professor of pharmacy practice; Jeff Evans, M.B.A., associate director of admission for applications and communication; Thad Franz, R.Ph., vice chair of experiential programs and assistant professor of pharmacy practice; Lydia Gaddis, associate vice president of human resources; Seth Hamman, Ph.D., assistant professor of computer science; April Hand, serials technical assistant; Valerie Harmon, office manager library services; Geoff Holloway, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry; Kim Jenerette, executive director of financial aid; Sharon Kerestes, M.E., curriculum materials center librarian and assistant professor of library science; Loren Kuhn, event manager; David Leitch, J.D., assistant professor of special education; Lindsey McCarty, Ph.D., assistant professor of mathematics; Amanda Meade, assistant athletic trainer; Nick Miller, assistant registrar for enrollment and testing services; Brad Pauley, health sciences laboratory technician; Jeremy Pease, painter; George Qin, Ph.D., assistant professor of mechanical engineering; Brenda Reid, coordinator of international student services; Loren Reno, M.S., professor of management and special advisor to the president; Tom Rice, M.E., assistant professor of geology; Denise Simpson, Ph.D., assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences; Elizabeth Sled, Ph.D., assistant professor of kinesiology; Hilary Slone, Cedarville bookstore assistant manager; Chris Sohn, M.B.A., vice president for business and chief financial officer; Chad South, custodian; and Dedra Wrigglesworth, manager of facilities services.

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Story courtesy Cedarville University.

Story courtesy Cedarville University.