GCP&T to turn off water at parks

Greene County News

XENIA — In preparation for winter, Greene County Parks & Trails (GCP&T) will be shutting off the water at several park sites this month to winterize for the season.

The following parks will have no water available during the winter months:

– Fairgrounds Recreation Center, Xenia

– Frank Seaman Park, Jamestown

– James Ranch Park, Xenia

– Massie Creek Park, Cedarville

– Old Town Reserve, Xenia

– Pierce Park (and its Scout Dog Park)

– Twin Towers Park, Fairborn

– Narrows Reserve, Xenia

– Clifton Reserve/The Lodge at Clifton Reserve

Park patrons with dogs visiting Scout Dog Park or horses visiting Twin Towers Park will need to bring water for their animals. For more information, contact GCP&T at 937-562-6440, email info@gcparkstrails.com or visit www.gcparkstrails.com.

Greene County News

Story courtesy of Greene County Parks and Trails.

Story courtesy of Greene County Parks and Trails.