Media to address “fake news” at Cedarville forum

CEDARVILLE — Cedarville University’s Center for Political Studies, the Cedarville American Enterprise Institute (AEI) chapter and Pi Sigma Alpha, the student political science organization, will sponsor “Fake News and Actual Accomplishments” 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 6 in the Dixon Ministry Center. This event will reflect on the first year of President Trump’s leadership.

Panelists include Brian Dahlen from WCRF Moody Radio Cleveland, Erik Elken, Fox 45 TV reporter, and Dr. Mark Caleb Smith, chair of the department of history and government.

“The media is under real scrutiny on a daily basis for using a ‘Fake News’ umbrella,” Elken said. “So little trust in the media makes it difficult to get important stories out to an audience without a stigma attached. How do we, as media, maintain or rebuild that trust with the consumer? There are clear biases at the national level, but we can’t let some of those stigmas trickle down to a point where the consumer doesn’t trust any form of media.”

The date of the forum was selected to coincide near President Trump’s first-year anniversary of his swearing in ceremony.

“We decided to sponsor a forum on President Trump’s first year in office because no matter what one thinks of him, Trump is a historic president,” Smith said. “He is unconventional in his conduct and his background. This makes him worth careful consideration.”