WSJ ranks Cedarville No. 2 for engagement

CEDARVILLE — Cedarville University is ranked No. 3 nationally and No. 2 in the Midwest for student engagement according to the Wall Street Journal.

Cedarville is the highest ranked university in Ohio, followed by Miami University and Ohio Northern University tied at No. 6. Dordt College in Iowa tops the national list for student engagement.

In 2017, Cedarville was ranked No. 4 among universities across the nation.

According to the Journal, engagement measures students’ views on their interaction with faculty and staff, effectiveness of teaching, and whether students would recommend their school. The WSJ collects this data primarily through student surveys.

The WSJ reported students attending Cedarville University overwhelmingly (85 percent) believe they made the right choice in their college selection. Similarly, more than 80 percent communicated the Cedarville environment fosters exceptional students who inspire and motivate each other. More than 85 percent of students believe they are being effectively prepared for their desired careers and life ministry opportunities.