Cedarville hires first civil engineering prof



CEDARVILLE — With Cedarville University now offering civil engineering, the university officially hired its first civil engineering professor in Dr. Stephen Ayers. Ayres joined the faculty in January after working 13 years at LeTourneau University.

Civil engineering joins Cedarville’s growing list of engineering programs, which include mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. The first civil engineering class will be held in August 2018.

At LeTourneau, Ayers chaired the engineering department, overseeing degree programs for five engineering disciplines. He also led the development of the civil engineering program at LeTourneau from its initial conception to full implementation.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and doctoral degree in civil engineering from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia. Prior to moving to the United States, Ayers worked in Australia as a research engineer, developing new products for the structural engineering market using advanced composite materials.

He also spent six years working in Senegal, Africa, developing water resource projects. His focus has been on tailoring engineering solutions to the environment in Senegal.

Ayers said that civil engineering provides a unique platform for service-oriented outreach.

“The world is in desperate need of good infrastructure and the engineering that allows life to happen,” he said. “We can make a big difference in places around the world by serving people’s fundamental needs in the name of Christ. Civil engineering provides an avenue to touch people’s lives at a very fundamental level and we want to instill this idea in our students.”

According to Ayers, Cedarville’s civil engineering program will become known for its integrated lab experiences, technical rigor, and a commitment to excellence. He expects Cedarville’s engineering students will be trained well so that they are sought after by organizations after graduation.