CU senior seeks to connect cultures through business

CEDARVILLE — Cedarville University senior Joseph Cross is passionate about developing his skills in entrepreneurial business so he can help others. As a launchpad for both career and ministry, Cross recently began his business, Cross Culture Connection with the intent of “bringing people together one shirt at a time.”

Cross’ dream intersected with opportunity in 2017 when he was elected president of the International Business Honors Organization at Cedarville University. Through this position, Cross envisioned new ways to minister both stateside and overseas.

Cross, from Marysville, sought to broaden the scope of Cedarville University’s school of business with a emphasis in missions. He began developing a plan that would not only support business-oriented missions work, but also serve to close the divide of cultures within the United States.

Ten percent of proceeds from Cross Culture Connection will be used to fund business students serving overseas in missions. Cross wants business students to begin establishing cross cultural relationships with students in other countries to share leadership values, business ideas and areas of growth.

Another way the business will encourage cross-cultural engagement is through the apparel sold. The slogan, “See Difference, Discover Similarity,” is prominent on all merchandise. The slogan encourages people to recognize they are “different, yet equal in the sight of God,” Cross said.

Cross’ ultimate dream is to see people of all cultures and ethnicities sacrificially demonstrate love through engaging cross culturally.

“Through different ethnicities we are able to view God differently, which helps us comprehend who he is,” Cross said.

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