Candygrams help raise money for shelter

XENIA — Students at Arrowood Elementary School used Valentine’s Day as a way to raise money for those in need.

By selling candygrams, the students raised $305 and donated it to the Simon Kenton Bridges of Hope, which operates an emergency shelter. The shelter is open nightly and offers the homeless a place to get a hot meal and sleep overnight.

“We are so appreciative of the support we have received from everyone,” said Jill Conkel, shelter administrator. “How cool is it that these students and the staff of Arrowood are making a difference in our community and understand that we are all in this together. Way to show God’s love on Valentine’s Day. It was such a creative way to raise money and awareness of the needs in Greene County for a shelter.”

The school’s service learning committee spearheaded the project.

“It was an act of love for their friends and the community” said teacher Lindsay Cravens.

Added Principal Travis Yost, “It was a great way for our students to ‘show love’ for a local organization who helps others in need.”