City officials to discuss fixing streets

By Whitney Vickers - [email protected]

XENIA — Xenia City officials are scheduled to meet in a work session from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, March 15 to discuss repairing local streets.

The public is invited to observe the meeting in action.

“We won’t be meeting as we normally do in special session in [council chambers] but around our conference table,” Council President Michael Engle said. “If people wish to come and observe the session, we will be live streaming the work session into [council chambers]. You are certainly welcome to come and review it and see what is being proposed.”

However, city officials will likely not be discussing construction for one of Xenia’s busiest thoroughfares — Progress Drive — as a rehabilitation project for the roadway is already scheduled to take place as dirt flies for the upcoming Reach Center. Progress Drive is expected to be restricted to one lane of traffic during daytime hours. However, both lanes will open up at night.

“Progress is a highly, highly utilized commercial route for the community and it is in bad shape,” Xenia City Manager Brent Merriman said. “It’s not the only road in bad shape … Folks should plan ahead … and expect for a two month period of some delay out there. It is a necessary evil as we get this roadway repaired.”

The City of Xenia received a grant to fix Progress Drive three years ago. The project is now ready to commence later in March.

Four Xenia citizens stepped forward to address council on their concerns regarding the conditions of the streets.

“We do appreciate citizens when they come forward either in a structured setting like [council meetings] or individually to each of us with very constructive suggestions,” Engle said. “We are aware of many of the problems, but we would like to hear more from you about what the problems are. We would also like to hear your constructive suggestions.”

Xenia city officials will meet in another work session Thursday, March 22 to discuss downtown parking, use of park space and seeking direction concerning the use of alcohol during city festival events.

By Whitney Vickers

[email protected]

Contact Whitney Vickers at 937-502-4532.

Contact Whitney Vickers at 937-502-4532.