Students have blast on moon mission

BELLBROOK — Bellbrook Middle School’s seventh grade science classes recently had “a blast” at the Dayton Challenger Center’s Return to the Moon mission.

Students experienced the four principles of the Challenger Center: teamwork, communication, cooperation, and problem solving. The students spent half of the mission in mission control researching and guiding the team and the other part of the mission in the space vehicle performing a variety of experiments ranging from testing rock and soil samples, using robotic arms and the glove box, testing radiation levels, monitoring conditions aboard the spacecraft for life support including oxygen and humidity levels, testing the health of the astronauts, assembling the probe, navigating in space with constellations rather than street signs, and developing effective communication skills.

Student raged from “This was the best-ever experience,” to “I never knew how difficult it can be to navigate in space,”according to teachers Cathy St. Pierre, Jennifer St. Pierre and Emily Cline.

A $5,330 grant from the Bellbrook Sugarcreek Education Foundation funded the trip in full.

“Without their support, we would not be able participate in this incredible STEM opportunity that provides science inquiry beyond the classroom,” Cathy St. Pierre said., adding that some of the students’ families have made donations to BSEF to help support this program and ensure it will continue for next year’s classes.