Learning about literacy

CEDARVILLE — The cafeteria of Cedarville Elementary was transformed into Literacy Land March 20 as the school hosted its Family Literacy Night.

Held in partnership with Cedarville University, the event was run by CU education students and focused on bringing literacy to life for Cedarville-area families.

This year’s event took on a global theme as children traveled “around the world.” Students were presented with 13 stations from which to choose. Options ranged from a mini library to a Greek theater to even a safari. Choices were plentiful and many children were not content just to visit six stations to redeem their free book, they wanted to make sure they attended all. Parents interacted with their children by reading to them, helping them complete giant puzzles, and guiding them from station to station.

Cedarville elementary students had free treats from the “Snack Shack” and the freedom to select their own books at the end of their journey. The community-oriented event was made possible by the partnership of Cedarville Elementary School, Cedarville University, and the Cedarville Community Library. Additionally, the Cub Scouts attended the event in lieu of their normal Tuesday evening troop meeting.