Thank a first responder today

GREENE COUNTY — The Mental Health & Recovery Board (MHRB) of Clark, Greene and Madison Counties, Greene Memorial/Soin Medical Center, and the Greene County Drug-Free Coalition have been recognizing first responders this week for their efforts to combat the opiate crisis.

“Our first responders and emergency department personnel play a life-saving role in helping families with loved ones who are in active addiction,” said Dr. Greta Mayer, MHRB CEO.

“Bringing Help. Bringing Hope. Thank You” was the theme this week — April 9-13 — when state and local leaders throughout Ohio demonstrated their appreciation to all individuals on the front lines who are working to eradicate the scourge of opiates, and helping individuals who are coping with addiction every day.

“While devastating to every sector of the community, this epidemic has brought together treatment professionals, people in long-term recovery, and first responders to help individuals access care in ways we haven’t seen before,” Mayer continued. “We appreciate all of our front-line workers because saving individuals at the time of an overdose gives hope for recovery from addiction.”

Greene County continues efforts to build on prevention, crisis response, enforcement, treatment, and recovery supports for individuals and families. The opiate epidemic continues to impact local communities and is growing more deadly with more dangerous drug formulations including fentanyl. First responders can also be at risk of a deadly overdose by simply coming into contact with residue left behind on the clothing or other belongings of an individual they are assisting.

Despite personal risk and repeated exposure to trauma, emergency department workers, first responders, peers in long-term recovery, and treatment professionals are collaborating around the clock to help people in crisis to access care.

Fairborn Fire Chief Mike Riley said, “It’s unfortunate that people don’t realize that help is available in the community. We provide access to care when people are in crisis, but hope that more people begin to get help earlier, before the point of crisis.”

For more information about prevention, treatment options or recovery supports contact the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Clark, Greene and Madison Counties at 937-322-0648 or [email protected]