Lifelong Xenia residents find rewards in volunteering




XENIA — Sandy Feix and Dave Jordan have dedicated to their lives to their hometown and that dedication has transformed into becoming volunteers.

The two Greene Memorial Hospital volunteers have a message for individuals thinking about volunteering for National Volunteer Week, April 15-21, “It’s so worth it.”

Jordan, born and raised in Xenia, has been married 51 years and volunteering since March 2011. He worked in law enforcement for 40 years in the City of Xenia’s house arrest program.

His wife Mary also volunteers at the hospital in the gift shop, and when she learned there was a need for more volunteers, she recommended him. Jordan’s job at Greene Memorial is to hook up and disconnect response units.

“I meet all kinds of people,” he said. “I stop and listen to their stories. It’s very rewarding.”

They live in Legacy Village. Their daughters live nearby, and the couple has two grandchildren. They have belonged to St. Brigid Catholic Church for 51 years. Jordan also volunteers with 10 different organizations; include the Jamestown Lions Club, City of Xenia Civil Service Board, resident council and many more. He also works part-time at Neeld Funeral Home.

“I enjoy serving my community,” he said. “It just seems natural. It’s rewarding – remember you are giving back to the community you live in.”

Feix has volunteered much of her adult life., “All my life I have volunteered on various projects. What’s great about volunteering is that you are doing something for someone else. I enjoy putting a smile on someone’s face and helping them when they may need it most.”

Feix describes herself as a hometown person. She worked at People Savings & Loan in Xenia for the majority of her career. She is treasurer of three organizations, deacon of Memorial United Presbyterian Church, board member of the Ohio Federation of Republican Women and co-chair for DeWine for Governor Campaign.

Sandy credits something her grandfather told her years ago for her desire to volunteer. “My grandfather always said we should ‘never stop giving. It always comes back to you.’”

Feix enjoys spending time with her grandchildren when she’s not volunteering.

Both Jordan and Feix enjoy the “family atmosphere” at Greene Memorial, and hope others will join them in volunteering in the future.

“There is camaraderie here, we are one big family,” added Feix.

For more information about becoming a volunteer at Kettering Health Network’s Greene Memorial Hospital contact Linda Richardson at 937-352-2000.