Gazette celebrates 150 years today

XENIA — Happy birthday. The Xenia Daily Gazette turns 150 years old today and we couldn’t be more proud of that accomplishment. The newspaper officially printed its first paper Aug. 18, 1868.

Like Xenia, the newspaper survived a depression, a recession, a massive F5 tornado and several other twisters that left their mark on the area.

This newspaper also made it through several ownership changes, staff turnover, and a host of managing editors. It is for that reason we are making a somewhat major change to the issue and volume number at the top of the front page.

The volume number is supposed to correspond with each publication year, while the issue number corresponds with how many times the paper was published or printed that year.

As of yesterday the volume number was 156. Obviously that’s wrong. So beginning today we are reverting back to Volume 150, Issue 1.

How did this six-year error happen?

We did some research and discovered that issue numbers weren’t changed every day, and there were inconsistencies with when the volume number should be switched. Some managing editors switched every calendar year, while others switched Aug. 18, and others, we aren’t sure what they did. Sometime in the 1980s and ’90s the numbers became out of sync.

Therefore we have decided to fix the date officially on our birthday.

Not only is this the Gazette’s birthday, but in a way it’s also a milestone for each and every reader and subscriber. If it weren’t for you supporting us with subscriptions and advertisements we wouldn’t be here.

In honor of that birthday the newspaper published a special section: Honoring 150 Years of Xenia History. There are still copies at our office, 1836 W. Park Square. The cost is $5. The section is packed full of Xenia and Greene County history.

Check our Greene County publications for news about how we are including you in our birthday festivities.