Nurse receives special recognition



XENIA — Going above and beyond is second nature for nurse Cameron Confer and those efforts earned her a special recognition this year.

Confer is a nurse and care manager at Greene Memorial Hospital and was previously a floor nurse at Soin Medical Center. She received the 2018 Above and Beyond Award during a special prayer breakfast.

Before becoming a nurse, she raised her children and served in the military as a dental hygienist. It seemed that healthcare was in Confer’s blood, her father was a doctor and mother a nurse. She would then go back to school to be a nurse and graduated in 2013 from Wright State University.

She was totally surprised by the nomination because she feels like she is just doing what she loves to do, help others.

“I want to make patients feel loved and cared for at the time they need it most,” said Confer. “I like listening to the patient’s stories. Sometimes listening is the most important thing we can do.”

It was co-worker Pastor Kendall Rogers that witnessed Confer’s kindness. Confer was caring for a terminal patient who was unresponsive. She decided to play music for the patient and that patient became alert and wanted her to continue to play music and sit with him.

“When you don’t know what to do – music always seems to help,” added the nurse.

After witnessing Confer’s extra efforts the pastor asked if she would help with another patient and she did, earning her this special recognition this year.

“We said a prayer together. And I sang to the patient,” she said.

Inspired by her patients’ determination each day, she finds strength in providing loving care when they need it most.

Even though nursing can be emotionally hard sometimes, she said she stays strong for her patients and their families.

“I want them to trust me and trust someone is looking out for them,” she said. “It’s the small things such as joking, singing and putting on music. It’s holding their hands and saying a prayer with them.”

Confer lives in Beavercreek with her husband, Aaron, and seven children. Recently her son left for the Marines, and she is proud to have been able to be at home with her children for a good portion of their lives.

She enjoys her new work-family at Greene Memorial and believes it’s all of them working together to help patients that matters most.