Two seek to be 74th district state rep

By Scott Halasz - [email protected]




XENIA — Anne Gorman is challenging Republican Bill Dean for his spot as the 74th District’s state representative Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Dean has been in office since April 2016 when he was appointed to replace Bob Hackett — who is now a state senator — and represents eastern Greene, northeastern Clark, and Madison counties.

The Xenia resident owned a plumbing business for 27 years prior to his appointment. He serves on several committees.

Gorman is a life-long educator who has taught at all grade levels, including colleges, and has taught senior citizens as well.

At a recent forum she said the district has lost $20 million in funding over the last eight years and she wants to get it back for the residents.

Below are the answers to Greene County News contested race questions:

State Representative 74th District

Bill Dean

Date of Birth: July, 22, 1949

Why are you the right candidate for this seat?

“I make decisions based upon our Constitution. I am for free speech, the right to bear arms so we may defend ourselves and families.

Let’s allow tax payers to keep their own money, which they have earned and not give it to the government to give to those who have not earned it. I am for education that teaches a man and woman to be productive and free.”

What is the most important issue facing this office going forward and what solutions do you have to offer voters for this issue?

“The most important issue is, do we let government control our lives or do we control our lives?”


Anne Gorman

Date of birth: Jan. 5, 1954

Why are you the right candidate for this seat?

“I am the right candidate because I have spent the last eight months, speaking to the people of this district to understand their needs and concerns. I have met with school superintendents, business owners, women, men, young families, retirees, working people, farmers, law enforcement officers, teachers, college students and mental health professionals as well as canvassed door to door in three different counties.

I legitimately care about the issues in my district, as well as in the State of Ohio. One-party rule is ruining our state. This has happened insidiously, and we’ve been given the big song and dance about how well we’re being treated by our state government. But our rankings in almost every level have dropped — education, college affordability, access to healthcare, infrastructure, infant mortality, the drug epidemic, safety and security, living wage jobs, and job training preparation. Now remember this—one-party rule does not help the citizens — it helps the party. Big money, special interests and the super wealthy are driving the government here in Ohio. It no longer belongs to the citizens — aren’t you tired of that?

My work ethic, my integrity, and my ability to get people of diverse ages, learning styles, and skills to work together to make something magic happen, make me the right person for the job. I want to do that in District 74.”

What is the most important issue facing this office going forward and what solutions do you have to offer voters for this issue?

“After running for the past eight months, I believe that much of our problem stems from our state government’s continued willingness to shift tax monies in different directions. They have taken money from our public schools, our colleges, our treatment centers, our townships and villages, over and over to fill their own campaign coffers or our state’s rainy day fund which stands at $2.7 billion at this date.

So even if they tell you that they cut your state taxes, are you getting levies for road repairs, fire stations, schools, healthcare and other things that you thought your taxpayer dollars already paid for? We are in District 74. In fact, in Xenia there’s a 3.5-mil levy for road repairs on the ballot. More and more monies have been stripped away from the needs of the people by our lawmakers — and then they come back and tell you to make it work, so your townships have to pass an increase onto you.

My campaign slogan is invest in people-together we win! And I believe that a thriving state should be made up of involved, active citizens who work together with their state representatives to make their lives better. I can be that working representative, when you vote for me. It’s time to wake up, District 74. You’re not driving the bus — you’re allowing others, who don’t represent you, to drive it.”



By Scott Halasz

[email protected]