Hands-on learning

BELLBROOK — Seventh grade students from Bellbrook Middle School took a field trip to the Dayton Challenger Learning Center as an extension of their astronomy unit for science class.

Prior to going on the field trip students had read about the available jobs in the mission control and space station and completed a job application for the job they wanted to do that day along with participating in communication activities with other students in their class who would be doing the same job.

Commander Starshine and Commander Woo made the mission to the moon a fun real world learning experience for the students. One student commented that it was “one of the most fun adventures I have had in my whole life,” and “I thought it was awesome getting to feel what it would be like in a space ship or working at mission control. I made so many awesome memories and one day when I grow up I want to be the commander of a mission and fly to the moon.”