Volunteers learn to respond to disasters

FAIRBORN — A mock training exercise featuring a simulated radiation emergency will be held at Calamityville — The National Center for Medical Readiness 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 3 at 506 E. Xenia Drive.

Members of the Medical Reserve Corps and the Community Emergency Response Teams from the West Central Ohio Region will participate in the training and exercise. The members of these groups serve as volunteers during an emergency response to natural disasters, acts of terrorism and other events that require a coordinated response. Training and exercises ensure that volunteers are more prepared to respond when disaster strikes.

The exercise will focus on setting up a Community Reception Center in response to a radiation emergency. Volunteers will also receive training designed to help people with functional needs such as mobility issues and language barriers. The exercise will not present a radiation hazard to participants or the community.

The training and exercise day is hosted and planned through a collaboration of local public health departments with input from the Ohio Department of Health and the Dayton Metropolitan Medical Response System.

For more information on local volunteer organizations go to www.ohioresponds.gov or visit “West Central Ohio Medical Reserve Corps” on Facebook.