Payne hosting traveling exhibition

WILBERFORCE — Payne Theological Seminary is the first of three seminaries selected nationally to host Exploring Human Origins: What Does It Mean to Be Human?

The exhibit explores the wonder of the scientific discoveries concerning human evolution and how these findings connect to diverse personal and societal perspectives. The traveling exhibit also assesses who we are as a species and why it matters.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of free programs, including presentations by Smithsonian scientists.

“Payne Theological Seminary has a history and commitment to furthering theological conversation beyond the normal confines of the church and parish life,” said President Dr. Michael Joseph Brown. “We believe that our hosting of the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit on Exploring Human Origins will help us advance the conversation among our neighbors and constituents throughout the United States and the world. The exhibit is open to the public and we encourage all to come and explore our human origins.”

Through panels, interactive kiosks, hands-on displays and videos, the exhibition invites audiences to explore milestones in the evolutionary journey of becoming human — from walking upright, creating technology and eating new foods, to brain enlargement and the development of symbolic language and complex societies — advancements that define the unique position of humans in the history of life.

The exhibition seeks to foster a positive dialogue with people from different cultural perspectives and a respectful exploration into the science of human origins.

The exhibit is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday until May 10 in the Reverdy C. Ransom Memorial Library, 1230 Wilberforce-Clifton Road.